Personal Resume


Li Zhongbin1965-),MaleProfessor and doctorate tutor of Economics School of South-Central University For Nationalities.

Director of the China Institute of Ethnic Minority Economics, South-Central University For Nationalities

Vice president of the Specialized Committee, China anthropology and ethnology research society, economic anthropology, China

Deputy director of the National Tourism Specialized Committee for ethnology and Ethnology of China

The chief economist of the Hubei private economy research society

The middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Hubei province.


Engaged in the research on the economic development of ethnic areaspresiding over and participating more than 40 projects in various funds; publishing 16 books, and more than 200 papers in the journals, including the authoritative journal-- "Ethno-national studies", "Guangxi Ethno-national studies"; geting 36 awards of all kinds, in which 15 awards in the provincial social science and technology Progress.


The Principle Achievements


1.         Research on Capital for Construction of Ethnic Minority Villages, Hubei science and Technology Press, December 2017

2.         Construction of Ethnic Minority Villages and Development of Regional Economic Integration", Hubei science and Technology Press, October 2016

3.         Theory and Practice of the construction of minority ethnic villages, Hubei science and Technology Press, May 2016

4.         Forecast Report on the Allocation of Primary Education Resources in Enshi State under the Background of New Urbanization", Hubei science and Technology Press, December 2014

5.         Research on Information and Farmers' Income Increase", Hubei science and Technology Press, October 2013

6.         Information and Agricultural Development in Ethnic Areas, Science Press, October 2012

7.         Ethno-National Economics, Contemporary China Press, April 2011

8.         National Education Investment and Economic Growth in Ethnic Regions, Ethno-National press, June 2007


9.         The Predicament and Model Selection of the Development of New UrbanizationEthno-national Studies, 2017(5)

10.     The Theory of Culture Consolidation and Extension: A Study on Construction of Villages with Ethnic Characteristics, Ethno-national Studies, 2016(1)

11.     Construction of Villages with Ethnic Characteristics, National Cultural Tourism and Anti poverty Path Choice, Guangxi Ethno-national Studies, 2015(5)

12.     On Cultural Protection and Development in the Construction of Villages with Ethnic Characteristics, Guangxi Social Science, 2014(11)

13.     The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Rural Land Circulation in Ethnic Areas -- Taking the Buyi Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan, Guizhou Province as an example, Ethno-national Studies, 2011(2)

14.     On the Progress of Science and Technology and the Development of Ethnic Minority Cultural Resources -- Taking Tujia as an example, "Ethno-national Studies", 2002(3)